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I’ve had a long-standing working relationship with Jason and his team. We are proud to call Stax Media a strategic partner and will continue to call on them for all our creative and marketing efforts.

—Steven Allen, Allen Property Group, Inc.


We feel down right lucky to have our festival logo designed by Jason.

He took what was in our hearts and heads and designed a one of a kind image that captured the playful spirit of our event. Jason’s attention to detail, impeccable color choices and creative process was just the right

fit for our organization.

—Judy Russell, Santa Cruz Public Libraries


Having known Jason since our college playing days, it was only natural to rely on his creativity to develop the LWG brand. His familiarity and background in athletics allows us to speak the same language and has certainly given our brand the edge we need to look our best.

—Jon Osterhout, Linemen Win Games


Stax Media has taken the Primal Santa Cruz brand to the level we envisioned for our restaurant from the start. I’m comfortable knowing that I can count on an experienced creative team to assist me with all our branding and marketing initiatives.

—Jason Morgan, Primal Santa Cruz

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